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MediDent Supplies has assembled over 4,600 products in one marketplace so you can easily find all the supplies you need. We’ve worked hard to ensure that you can breeze through your acquisitions, and move on to other important tasks.

Being prepared is integral to effective, empathetic healthcare. Accessing our inventory today will leave you and your team prepared to deliver the absolute best medical care.



Strong, collaborative relationships with our global network of manufacturers, and our status as an FDA-registered Medical Device Importer, allow us to offer a diverse selection of high-quality medical supplies and dental equipment nationwide.


We show it with our Super Easy Return policy. We will be ready to support you. Contact us with questions about your order.

We partner in R&D with trusted experts to bring you select, MediDent Supplies products. This partnership enables greater choice and flexibility, and increased supply reliability and visibility.

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By participating in product development, we have become capable of sourcing thousands more resources for you. We have distributed millions of products to consumers, private practices, DSOs, healthcare agencies, and hospitals across the world.

MediDent has served over 11,000 happy customers, delivering on time with a track record of 92.6% shipping accuracy. Our mission is to provide consumers with absolute customer satisfaction. Check out our glowing customer reviews to learn more.


MediDent Supplies provides wholesale pricing, and you may qualify. Our highly trained team provides expert insight and rapid order fulfillment.

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Our technical advantages come from our unique, technology-driven approach as a subsidiary of No Borders, Inc.