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Intra-oral Wound Dressing is intended for the management of all types of oral wounds, injuries and ulcerations of the gingival and oral mucosa, including stomatitis, minor chafing and traumatic ulcers, abrasions caused by braces and ill-fitting dentures, and lesions associated with oral surgery. Intra-oral Wound Dressing operates to relieve pain by adhering to and protecting affected tissues from further irritation, thereby allowing healing.

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  • Advanced concept in intraoral dressing
  • Protects intraoral wounds from food, bacteria and cigarette smoke
  • Aids in hemostasis
  • Protects suture thread from tongue irritation
  • Strong adhesion using hydrophilic polymer
  • Easy to cut into different shapes/sizes
  • Self adhesive with saliva
  • Reduces irritation sore in mouth
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Mint flavor reduces halitosis
  • Contains vitamin E
  • Aids in hemostasis


  1. Irrigate wound with sterile or saline solution
  2. Cut Ora-Aid into a proper shape and size
  3. Slightly remove moisture with gauze on the wound. An excessive exudation may reduce its adhesive strength and attaching time.
  4. Remove transparent release paper and apply
  5. Gently press Ora-Aid for 5 to 10 seconds while Ora-Aid adheres to wound (Depends on circumstances, please press repeatedly)


Store the product at room temperature(l °C~35°C), away from direct sun light and heating sources. Follow storage condition to keep proper performance of product (adhesion, absorbability)



Ora-Aid is composed of two layers, protection layer and attachment layer. When the attachment layer dissolved completely with moisture/saliva in mouth,the protection layer will fall off automatically. So, no need to remove protection layer by force


Usually it is caused by incorrect attachment on the surface of the wound and affected area. Cut Ora-Aid into a proper shape and size accordance with the wound. When attach Ora-Aid, it should be combined with some amount of moisture. If there are too much moisture, slightly remove with gauze on the wound and gently press Ora-Aid 5~1 O seconds to make high adhesion. We also recommend customers to attach Ora-Aid to hard tissue. If you attach to soft tissue, it may not last long due to the movement of soft tissue muscle.


In general, Ora-Aid stays more than 6 hours. However, it depends on attaching cases because the circumstances are various.


It is made of polymeric materials, including hydroxy ethyl cellulose. All raw materials are listed on KP&USP standards.


In general, Ora-Aid stays more than 6 hours. The main purpose of Ora-Aid is to increase natural healing effects of oral tissue with preserving growth factors through the absorption of exudate especially during prime time. In addition, it provides protection to the wound area against secondary infection. Through this early stage protection for several hours, it can help with the effect of initial wound healing.


We do not recommend it. Better to apply Ora-Aid after suturing. Ora-Aid is not a membrane which can be used inside of oral tissue.



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